In 2019 I had the honor of being asked by Matisse Gonzalez to make the soundtrack to her award winning movie.

She asked me because we have a similar taste for no-fi music and spent a lot of time in our rehearsal room.

I was mesmerized by the story and early animatics, and even if it felt a project too big for my knowledge I accepted.

The work was hard as I had to learn how to make studio quality recording using only my cheap equipment, but after many long days placing microphones and tweaking gain knobs I had good results and I could start recording.
I didn't write any midi track or score, I preferred to play directly on the movie and record all my instruments with my stompbox effects set as in the final result, the mixing itself was mostly about volumes and a little EQ without much manipulation.

It was an occasion to learn properly how to play guitar, but I didn't felt the same for the drums, so I recorded every single drum singularly (I also didn't had that many microphones/inputs)

As an opensource software love I was impressed by Ardour managing around 100 tracks for the lenght of 10 minutes of movie on a computer held together by dutch tape.

I played:

Classic Guitar
Electric Guitar
Bass Guitar
12 String Guitar
Korg MS20
Yamaha VSS-100
Yamaha DSR-500