Zebra is a project made in April 2020 for Studio Film Bilder.

It is an installation for little kids based on the animation series Animanimals.

The project features a monitor and a platform on which kids can jump.

On the monitor we see the savannah's animal, as soon as the kid jumps the zebra jumps too and its stripes get scrambled!

The project took a week to its polished release.

Animations and IP are property of Studio Film Bilder, I solely did code and electronics

A screenshot of the calibration UI

Zebra is a project developed using solely an Arduino and Processing.

It was my first experience into making a finished videogame project outside unity3d's environment and was a neat experience having to be extremely clean and precise in the code and input data as processing doesn't do any kind of garbage collection and this installation is supposed to be kept running for at least a whole day.

The hardware side is pretty simple, 4 weight scale sensors, an Arduino Nano and an HX711 chip.

The Arduino code is barebones, it sends the data trough serial to Processing and in case it stands for a while it recalibrates.

In processing I wrote some simple moving average functions and had a visualization for the input data, being able to see the kind of waveform a jump generates gave me the necessary information to write a simple but yet effective algorithm that can distinguish a jump from a step with a really small latency.

The weight scale