The introductive riddle

Seeking The Void is a game I did together with Alexander Frey and Lena Lofink during my fifth semester at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. The game was part of the Game-Zone at the ITFS animation festival of Stuttgart.

I was in charge of the programming for the first time in my life.

The game is a puzzle-platformer based on perspective and optical illusions.

The player can walk on a pattern of a single color and has to overlap the patterns by rotating the camera in order to be able to walk from a platform to the next one.

The world made by Alex is inspired by southern Asian temples and has a dreamful atmosphere.

This was my first experience writing code, and actually I began by using PlayMaker for Unity3D (a node programming interface) that helped me a lot into getting into the logic patterns of programming and gave me the courage to start writing code.

I have to admit that for a first game I did some complex stuff, I had to come up with a DIY physics system because of the peculiar game mechanics.
To calculate the player movement I built a marching algorithm testing collisions with ray-casts from camera view, it became really complex when I added normal detection in the projected tridimensional space to let the player slide on edges instead of getting stuck.

The game is nor efficiently wrote and not even polished, it reached a really good quality level considering we were novices and had only around 4 months of production and where under terrible pressure.

A graphical explanation of the game mechanics

The lotus has to be opened in order to complete the game

Walking from a flying platform to the other