Box-box and Constellations are two games made during the ENIAROF workshop in the Abdalliya palace in La Marsa, Tunis.
I was working in a four person team and we developed two small games during a single week and showcased them the weekend.

Box-box was then brought to an event in Carreau du Temple in Paris and at the A-MAZE game festival in Berlin.


Box-box is a simple but yet funny game for 2 players. The two have to wear a big and clumsy cardboard box, on the top of the box there is a monitor showing the face of their player.

When the referee start's the boxing match they have to hit each other on few buttons placed on the box "head" using a long styrofoam stick.

Presenting the game revealed it being an amazing couple therapy device.

The game ran on 2 teensy boards driving 16x32 led screens, the boxes had buzzers and 3 arcade buttons.

The rigs where made of wood cardboards Styrofoam and tape

a ferocious fight


locals moving stars

In constellations a player or many had to arrange stars into a given constellation.

Little led lamps where given the players, but they could use their phones or whatever light source they had forehand.

By pointing the light on the back projection showing a night sky they would spawn a star following the light, and by moving their arms (the light source position) they had to arrange them.

The game was cozy and meditative.

The game was made in unity and OpenCV
The tracking of the lightsource was made by a webcam sending tracked positions to Unity handling graphics and gameplay

This incredible workshop was organized by Antonin Forneau and we were followed by the amazing Niklas Roy
My team was composed by Daniel Plata, Walid Kilani, Samar Gemach and me.